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Achieving the Arrow of Light®
A Milestone in Scouting
About Us

Our goal is to reinforce the importance of past achievements each Cub Scout has earned,
as well as encourage their continued participation with the Boy Scouts of America™

CrossoverAwards.com evolved from countless hours developing a high-quality & unique, personalized Arrow of Light® award to present each Webelo Scout in
my own den, at their Crossing ceremony. These special awards, will be proudly displayed by all Webelo Scouts, as an ongoing reminder of their accomplishments and graduation to Boy Scouts.

CrossOverAwards.com was created to help make the Webelos Scout crossing into Boy Scouts special.
These Arrow of Light Awards provide each Scout the ongoing opportunity to proudly display their past
achievements long after the ceremony. Hopefully the awards will encourage them to continue on in scouting.

The company is a Michigan-based small business that specializes in design, display and signage products.
Established in 1995, we have always maintained a reputation for high quality products,
customer satisfaction and service. CrossOverAwards is currently pursuing national licensure from the BSA.

In my youth, Scouting was a major part of my life. Now, as an adult and father, both of my sons have been raised
with Scouting. I am an active contributor of local Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Pack functions and events.

Making a difference and having a positive influence in these boys lives, and all scouts becoming
young men, will always be a priority for me. Today's youth are all too often negatively impacted by modern society.

It is Our Responsibility to guide them down the right paths in life.

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